Artist verifiedSouthsoniks

Southsoniks produces a powerful yet musical sound inspired not only by Detroit techno but also melodic and electro European music, building in this ways a very own personal touch. His philosophy resumed by two sentences: “music for body and soul” and “per aspera, ad astra”...

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Early passionate from electronic music, Southsoniks gets rapidly involved in the scene while still in highschool. While many people involved at that time chose to learn DJing, he will orientate himself to production in 1994. In 1997 he develops his own and very unique Live-Act concept, which has constantly evolved since. That concept introduced mixing in the Live process, by using two laptops and doubling fx and filters, while controlling a set of synths. By this mean, he was able to propose a very dynamic and highly adaptable concept supported by strong dancefloor orientated productions. Thanks to the release of many EPs, remixes and one album, he was able to play not only in France, his native country, and Switzerland where he lives, but in many clubs and festival across Europe, Spain but also Holland, Germany, Portugal, Grece, Croatia, Tchec Republic, Poland, etc.