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My name is Stefano and I am highly interested and motivated in all the things related to composing, songwriting, editing, and producing. I play several instruments including the guitar, keyboards, drum machine, and synths. I have composed and recorded several tracks which I have compiled into various albums, and played in several bands over the years.

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Speed Demonz


I have a vast knowledge of every aspect of the music industry and feel more than comfortable in any role involved in the music-making process. I have been writing songs and taking on the full editing process for a decade. I can produce and mix a record or compose music (instrumental or full songs) as well as regulate sound quality, and I have an ear for mixing and sound arrangement. I have been involved with various up-and-coming artists in the Orlando area by creating, producing, and editing an array of genres and styles of music and I am a strong team player with collaborating and brainstorming within the realm of production. My knowledge of music is vast and ranges from mostly rock, electronic and pop, dance, jazz, and world music. I am comfortable with the use of Pro Tools, which I use to mix some of my songs, and I also know Fl Studio. I possess the technical skillset to push the creative envelope while adhering to my abilities concisely and professionally. Music has always been in my life but I would like the opportunity to take my passion for music production to the next level with a company or brand that I can commit to for a career that would offer a high degree of integrity and knowledge of music production.