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Analogue machines, sound systems and vinyl enthusiast. Founder of "Intersezioni" record Label

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Dj and Sound Technician born in l’Aquila (IT) where he grew up playing in local clubs until an eartquake destroied them and the city itself. In 2011 he moved to Milan where he fall in love with drum machines, sinthesizers and sound systems besides many friends sharing with love for records and parties. After a degree in “Informatica Musicale” in 2015, trought the development of a software called "Brain Music" who allows the musician to control Ableton Live thru his own brain waves, he partecipate to found “Intersezioni”, a team committed to explore different styles and different applications of electronic music, wich soon became a residence party in Dude Club for years and later a record label where most of his productions are released on.