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Subground 3000 Record spinner // Producer // Radio DJ His trip as DJ has widened up his horizon to the production, he worked in many projects and remixes. Frequency Shift Recordings // BLC Recordings // N.C.M / Music Label Detroit Records // Dublin Xpress Recording // Nice & Nasty Records // CZ Code Records //Naeba Records and more ..

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Subground 3000


Hometown Tourcoing in northern France, located between Lille and the Belgian border. In 1988 at the age of 15 he discovers radio SIS Mouscron (Belgium), the sound of Chicago and Detroit techno, which had submerged the whole of England and which will sweep over Belgium . Already heavily influenced by Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronica and Cold Wave push him over the years to become as record spinner in various parties, clubs, bars in France, Belgium and Germany and through several radio programmes to share his passion for the electronic music and connect with like minded people, he continues to explore the deeper side of electronic music, playing Detroit influenced techno through to deep house.