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SYNTONOS - dj/electronic sound producer originally from Ukraine and now based in Barcelona (Spain), who creates music in the style of deep & organic house, multicultural electronica, afro house & progressive, and experimenting with breaks. «Syntonos» in translation from Ancient Greek means - harmonious, consonant, accordant, consistent with oneself.

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The music project SYNTONOS appeared as a result of quarantine restrictions due to Covid-19, which allowed him to delve deeper into making electronic music. This resulted in the creation of his first EP, which has already been released on Cafe de Anatolia LAB on And that is exactly what SYNTONOS delivers through his music - a harmonious and immersive experience that transports listeners on a journey, combining nature and music, involving the sound of synthesizers, percussion, and various musical instruments, featuring them with vocals, which makes his tracks recognizable. SYNTONOS has extensive experience as a DJ under the nickname BON:SOIR and is the founder of the live music project EthnoTvir (aka O.Z.O) in collaboration with vocalists and musicians performing live and playing various instruments (didgeridoo, jew's harp, flute, percussion, and trumpet), where he himself is a sound producer and DJ. SYNTONOS performed at major festivals in Ukraine such as Vibronica Festival 2019, 21, Color Festival 2014-21 and White Nights 2021 with headliners such as Kurala Dust, WhomadeWho & dOP. He was a frequent guest of the APLAY Showcase, BalkonLubvi and his own series of parties: Oriental Express. SYNTONOS is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming years, as he continues to make waves in the world of electronic music. You can touch his sound through the “Organichnyi” podcast series on Soundcloud: or come to a party with his participation. All my links are here: