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Berlin and London-based Teapø is a composer and producer of electronic, alternative, ambient, nu-jazz, trip hop, soundtracks etc music. The artworks created by the artist Teapø have origin/arrive by the human unconscious, working on certain frequencies more perceptible by it. Creating a unique experience by stimulating the perception of the subconscious.

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In Teapø’s music, it’s hard to define but influences are drawn from all over the world with plenty of nods to different genres. Sometimes you will find yourself in electronic experimentation but with drum patterns that are also improvised, others are more ambient without drums; imagine electroacoustic, nu-jazz, alternative, ambient, soundtracks and you have Teapø. Teapø’s influences draw from afar and collect many musical genres, which he has listened to, played, and recorded over the years Teapø is currently working away on the release of new incredible albums, both different in sound and scape, a true testament to Teapø who is always creating and developing new ideas.