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dj teepaul is an extraordinary dj and technician, he remixes live on several turntables, he has also been a producer of electronic techno and house music for 15 years, he is also capable of playing percussion live

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DJ TEE PAUL mixed his first records at the ROME CLUB (1st gay club in Europe). he will mix there alongside the greatest LAURENT GARNIER, CARL COX, DJ HELL,.......... From 1995 onwards, TEEPAUL hosted more than 500 guests in French and international clubs: Bar Rouge in Shanghai (China), Le Pacha (Moscow), Le Prime Club (Siberia), C2 (Russia), Le Pacha (Spain), the queen (paris), 50/50 (russia), Bercy (paris), ect...... He will be rewarded with 2 titles of French champion of electronic music DJs. Recognized for his extraordinary technique and his impact ful live performances on six turntables. For music production, he will make many tracks on MT records, move records, chic flowers, shock rec ect.......... In May 2023, he joined forces with Marco Woods to produce together a very groovy new techno with a captivating rhythm dotted with percussion and acid sounds as desired, this new techno will quickly please many international labels including Italian, Portuguese and French they will sign more than 20 tracks in just 2 months, notably at basic avenue records, outset rec, rhythm records ect......., they are currently working on new pieces still rich in emotion, they offer a unique live show dj's with live performance on 6 turntables. A collaboration to follow behind the turntables and on sales platforms in order to discover their new musical universe.