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Terra Livre voices the emerging ecologic movement, a natural and spontaneous movement with no leaders or borders, that manifests itself locally on a planetary level. Their sound mixes simplicity with psychedelia, mestizo with mysticism, ecology and activism, singing consciousness and diversity in one tone. The Portuguese group Debut Album - “Seeds, Roots Flowers and Fruits”, was released in early 2019, featuring Manu Chao among other distinguished guest artist collaborations. This eclectic journey begins with World Music and carries on to a search to discover what sounds as “Earth Music”.

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Terra Livre have been leading the mestizo revolution scene in Portugal for over ten years, capturing the attention of musicians and stages around Europe. They met in the magical mountains of Sintra, where they founded “Terra Livre”, a communal land that works as an experimental and co-creation lab which allowed them to practice what they preach, be it through sustainable agriculture, natural building or the minimizing of human ecological footprint. The influence of multicultural Lisbon is evident when you listen to a Jamaican Reggae with melodies that could be from either the Balkans, Ethiopia or Eritrea. Desert Blues with a taste of Indian Folk and American Funk, or even a Moroccan Gnawa with traits of the Portuguese song and Rock experimentalism. Each song is a unique experience, not giving away what genre the next track will be. However, there is consonance in the purity of the message, the harmonious aesthetics and the respect for diversity itself. These are values that guide all the work, and the styles are explored with the honesty of someone who has been to the roots to find the different elements that make up the whole. Gonçalo Sarmento, Leo Marsh and Rodrigo Cordomar, three singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists join forces with Adri Dias Pereira, a master in woodwinds and electronics, and with a solid rhythm section composed by Pedro Pereira and Tiago Santos. In a time when the planet’s resources are scarce, the urgency of a paradigm shift and the love of music keeps the group united for a Free Earth - TERRA LIVRE.