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Well adjusted individual, in love with music and technology, inspired by nature. When not in music studio, you can see him riding a bike on the mountains and playing sports.

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Music producer from Croatia, born in 1995. He introduced himself with house music relatively late and it was love at first sight. He began to research in this vast world of music and musical production looking for his style. After few years of research and learning, things finally came into place and he began with production, trying to find, build and perfect his own style. Today, in his 5th year of production, he is expecting his first standalone vinyl release after over 20 digital releases on some respectable labels which hit top 10 lists on beatport, traxsource an so on... Best is yet to come since his 2nd vinyl release is nearly done and he cannot wait to share it with us. Beside music, he is into technology, full time working in IT sector, administrating and developing.