The Warmth

Music created to uplift your soul, body & mind, bringing you closer to The Warmth within 🌞

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The Warmth


The Warmth’s music envelops you in a wave of relaxation, while simultaneously energizing your body to open up and receive an expansion of your awareness. Bringing you unheard sounds compared to the likes of Tame Impala & Beautiful Chorus. 
 Ryan Seqqoÿa aka The Warmth grew up around San Diego, CA and has been playing music, with the intention of uplifting those around him, since a very young age. 
 All of his music is self-produced, currently mixed and mastered in his home studio in Joshua Tree, CA. 
 His debut album “Enter the Warmth”, released in 2018, documented a new-found awareness of self and society, and the waves of emotions that come along with one’s reality diffusing before one’s eyes. The heavily psychedelic influenced album blends an eclectic mix of classic rock, hip-hop/rap, gospel, and jazz. The leading single titled “DRiFTING” was recommended for a Grammy Nomination that year. 
 In 2019, he and his partner, Darrien Seqqoÿa aka Darrien Divinity, curated a group of 18 artists from all over the world to come together on a single track titled “Mercy for the Earth”, to bring awareness to the devastating Amazon forest fires being caused by farmers trying to expand their land for ecosystem-killing animal agriculture. 
2021 carries him out of a year long musical hiatus with 2 EPs, “GOD’S ART IS EVERYTHING” released July 30 and “STARBURST” on Xmas Day. Both albums push the line of creativity blending a fusion of music unlike you have ever heard ✨