Artist verifiedTolga Fidan

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkish-French producer Tolga Fidan's starting musical influences ranged from experimental rock to hip-hop. Early on he relocated to London to pursue photography and video arts studies at the University of the Arts London. The artistic mediums and passion then shifted towards electronic music, as Tolga began producing upon the discovery of Warp Records and being fully immersed in the UK music scene. At just age 25, he released his first record under the label "Vakant" which caught the attention of big names, including Sven Vath. After this instant praise, Tolga began touring extensively all over the world and started his own label TFR. From 2006 onwards, he has been steadily releasing a wide spectrum of electronic music and has been in the last year focusing, with Dan Ghenacia, on their multi disciplinary art project The Alpha Wave Experience. As their other project, named as sound design duo Art Of Wave, they have already collaborated with several artists for the sound design for specific pieces in world-wide exhibitions (artists include Ana Popescu, Matthieu Chavarin, Andres Ciconne and more).