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The project that represents its own music wave called 'Cinematic Dance'

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Trixvel — appears to be an artistic or creative project, particularly associated with music. Based on the information available, Trixvel is the stage name of Valeriy Tsarev, a Ukrainian music producer born on February 3, 1997, who creates what he calls 'Cinematic Dance' music. This genre is described as a blend of atmospheric vibes from horror movies combined with various EDM (Electronic Dance Music) styles. The project began in 2015 and since then has been connected with several record labels including Islou Rec, G-Mafia, and Noize Bangers. Trixvel's main goal seems to be to allow people to experience a new type of music perception, through the production of unique and dark sound experiences . You can listen to Trixvel's music on various platforms. On YouTube, you can find a channel dedicated to Trixvel's music which likely includes a collection of his music and related content . Moreover, Trixvel's music is also available on SoundCloud where the artist has shared numerous tracks, possibly reflecting his individual style and the 'Cinematic Dance' genre he has pioneered . For those with a subscription to streaming services, Trixvel is also present on Spotify and Apple Music, where you can find his albums, songs, and playlists for listening . Beyond that, it is important to note that the term 'trix' can also have other meanings. In the English language, "-trix" is a suffix of Latin origin that denotes a female agent; for example, "aviatrix" refers to a female aviator. It can also relate to geometric terms, such as a generatrix, which is a line that, by moving, generates a geometric figure .