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Peruvian Synthwave Artist, influenced by science fiction cinema, retrofuturism and pop culture of the eighties 🛸👽

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U.F.O 1982


Janis Monja AKA U.F.O 1982 is a Peruvian Producer and Composer of Electronic Music oriented to the Sub Genre called Synthwave and shows in her compositions a lot of influence of the pop culture of the 80s under the use of film references, soundtracks, science fiction, video games, aesthetics and music of the time. These are some collaborations with some artists such as Max Project (Argentina), Deja Vu Noir (Chile), Red Industrie (Mexico), Toxxic Project (Mexico) and Lost Traveler ロスト (Peru). I also ah been part of ''WONDERLANDS'' a Southamerican Compilation released by the Mexican 🔵label PUR ZYNTH REKORDS and participated in the GLOBAL CYBER DAY COMPILATION for the 39 years of Cyberpunk with artists like SUNESIS and Super Dragon Punch. Currently, U.F.O 1982 won First Place in the ''Electronic Producers Contest 2023'' organized by DJ College Peru and Ableton. It is worth mentioning that his latest EP ''Cyber Noir'' ah been included in the broadcasts of ThePrimeThanatos - YouTube, one of the most influential channels of the International independent synthwave scene.