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Singer-Songwriter & Producer Genre: Adult Contemporary Pop-Rock Lo-Fi Chillhop

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vhsgus is an American singer-songwriter and producer based in Miami, FL going through a metamorphosis during the roaring 2020s. What started out as a Lo-fi Chillhop project has evolved into an Adult Contemporary Pop-Rock collaboration featuring Mare. At the beginning of the pandemic vhsgus was signed by Chill Beats and Vinyl-Digital. Having notable success with his instrumentals tracks "It's All Different Now", "Two Moons", and "Flew Out To Sea". Shortly after former college friends, vhsgus and Mare, reunited after a decade to produce and record their first vocal LP in New Orleans. Inspired by Y2K records, they wanted to channel their own modern interpretation of John Mayer and Michelle Branch. "Stay Gold" is our first independent release. Fusing Y2K pop production with indie and chillhop elements. Follow us on our journey as we set to release our first vocal LP in 2023.