Artist verifiedVlad Caia

Vlad began his music experimentation in his early teens. Equipped with only the bare essentials, a midi sequencer and a keyboard and the support of passionate musicians around him, ideas and soundscapes started to take shape and form.

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Vlad Caia


After several years of working with electronic music and setting up the basis of an electronic group in his hometown, his first solo release was launched in early 2007, followed over a short period by other materials and remixes on different labels. 2010 brought him his share at the Red Bull Music Academy, held in London, where he got the chance to jam with other fellow participants and exchange ideas and knowledge. He is featured on their Various Artists compilation. In 2011 he started to shift his focus into more sound experimentation in order to break free from the already ‘standardized’ rules of electronic music, a move that opened new ways and approaches to sound synthesis and arrangement culminating in releases spanning diverse soundscapes. His musical influences spans from highly jazz infused rhythms to permutated experimental intricacies, from classical and orchestral arrangements to deep almost meditational dubbed sonic grooves, while still maintaining the variations and versatility throughout his works.