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Romanian electronic / ambient music producer and DJ

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Vlad Dinu


Born in the 80's, Vlad had the great opportunity to grow up in an environment purely influenced by dance music and early electronica. His father was a great record collector and a true purist when it comes to sound quality, thus helping Vlad get his attention shifted towards music creation since an early age. His electronic music production career kicked off officially in 2017 when Vlad launched his own record label and got out his first vinyl record. His greatest influences when it comes to electronica - as Vlad produces also hip hop beats and movie scores - are The Timewriter - legendary deep tech house producer - and Swayzak - the outstanding legendary brittish duo that rocked the 90;s era and who were kind enough to remix one of Vlad's tracks from his tribute album to their band, namely "Love for my teachers" which was released in 2018. Vlad's sound can't be narrowed down to a single genre, but one thing ca definitely be said about it : his music always takes you on healing trips throughout the Universe!