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↯ Voltags arises from the fusion between the Brazilian performer Volatille and the German producer GATS. Synthesized sounds, distorted guitars, and a Cyber/Post-Punk aura accompanied by Vola's aggressive, mocking, and sleazy voice. In 2021 GATS and Vola started the label ‘Suçuarana Records’, not only to release their productions and have full creative control over their works but also to reach out to like-minded artists. ↯

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↯ Volatille is a Brazilian transdisciplinary artist, co-creator of collectives like ‘Gente que Transa’ and ‘Voodoohop’ and an important figure in the national cultural network. He has produced numerous events in Brazil and worldwide, in countries such as Germany, Turkey and France. Besides performing as a DJ and performer, as a multidisciplinary artist, he has also dabbled in set design, costume design, and fine arts. He also had his own exhibitions in galleries and his work published in the national media. ↯ ↯ GATS is a Berlin artist who makes deep lush grooves that invoke a hypnotic tribal state of being. His no-holds-barred approach to sampling and electronic exploration sets him far apart from the sea of peers. Expect a fine mix of fingerspitzed voodoo dub and a blues-infused dose of Balearic bliss, from own combinations of dreamy and playful beats to productions influenced by Post-Punk and Psychedelic Rock. Nowadays still one of the most prolific and multifaceted producers of downtempo music around, releasing tracks on the digital hot-house that is ‘Akumandra’, the afrotropicalistic ‘Shango Records’, or the Berlin-based ‘Drosssel’ label. ↯