Artist verifiedWerner Grassi In love with music since his childhood, Werner is passionate about many different styles such as Gospel, Jazz, Funk, Film music, from all eras and a lot before the 2000s, as well as electronic music since the 90s. Werner loves musical journeys and different styles meet and merge in his music as a soloist or as a duo with his brother.

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Werner Grassi


Werner loves music and cinema since his childhood, often influenced by his big sister and his brothers, his greatest love remains God. Werner loves many styles of music, he loves travel and views music as an emotional journey. he had a childhood cradled by a movie-loving dad who had a video club and a passionate adolescence in his brother's record store. His music is a meeting of all his influences. music is for him a means of expression and not a fashion, he remains faithful to his principles, his beliefs and his values