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Xavier Polycarpe delivers music on all fronts: visceral, revelatory and transcendent. Wherever he can, Xavier inscribes his creative ardor, his love of precision and varying sounds. First with Gush, a rock quartet who released two albums, performing numerous international tours and a nomination for the Victoires de la Musique (French awards), then with Adan & Xavi y los Imanes, a duo carried by pop and lyrical ballads. He then formed Macadam Crocodile, an electro-disco duo, leading to intense uplifting ecstatic live shows. A true multifaceted artist, Xavier is also expressed through ecological activism by joining the Colibris movement in 2017 for a French tour and by co-composing music for next Cyril Dion's film Animal (2021). If music is also the expression of a relationship with oneself, then Xavier wants to let the seeds that have been planted continue to bloom through him for some time. So now: a solo project. Spontaneous, raw and melodic, his new pieces, recorded partly on tape in his home studio, brings together deceptively casual instrumentation with his distinctive warm and gravelly voice.