Artist verifiedXaxim

we blend nature and technology. carving out hypnotic ritual experiences. dubbie. housey. fierce. electronic music binary structures to percussive organic pulses.

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we created xaxim to make music the way we believe in. we luv ritual experiences. we luv organic pulses and vibes but we luv the binary structures of basic electronic music as well. so we made the call to blend nature and technology. dudu marote, music maker and producer for 30 years, mangling ableton live, synths and samplers. mixing and extracting multidimensional sonic scapes. fabiao soares, creative director and dj. crafting entertainment stories, structures and views. xaxim is on since 2018. we dropped some music and we are crafting an album. we study the life of plants. afro-brazilian and americas indigenous cultures. we played in berlin, paris, london and in our native brasil pre-pandemy.