Artist verifiedX.Y.R.

x.y.r. (xram yedinennogo razmuwlenuja) is a direct reference to Nikolai Gogol's novel of 1842, "Dead Souls"

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Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja (X.Y.R.) Solitary auditory journeys from the ambient recluse Petersburg recluse Vladimir Karpov is an electronic musician and producer under the pseudonym X.Y.R. Many of his works are able to tune in to a meditative mood, and to completely immerse a sensitive listener in a state of hypnosis. More than ten years ago Vladimir got his first synthesizer - the Soviet "formanta", from which his musical career began. In his work, he prefers soft timbres, wavy ambient and the pacifying mystery of the New Age, and his track record, for example, includes releases on the California label Not Not Fun or the Oakland Constellation Tatsu. Karpov's synthesizer melodies are distorted in a mirage landscape, and the enveloping vibrations emanating from all guitar gadgets twist like snakes in the air. Unsurprisingly, the abbreviation X.Y.R. stands for the Temple of Solitary Reflection - this is how the hero of "Dead Souls" landowner Manilov calls the homeless pavilion in which he indulges in lonely dreams. Likewise, the music of the Petersburg recluse, inspiring, soothing, and sometimes disturbing, has a solitary character.