Artist verifiedYabiru

Pursuing sensory perception and tanglin rhythms. Producer of the unconscious polyphonies. Sound, invisible magic blow, manifests itself filling the gaps in space, inducing souls to movement.

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Yabiru is the personality that pursues sensory perception, creating sounds that reflect the tangle of rhythms, flavors and sensations of the land. Passionate about bringing elements of everyday culture to his creations. A mix of textures, atmospheres and talkative percussion. Since he was a child, he played african drums, already connected with music as a ritual, but his professional career began in 2015 when he produced his first track. And today is the curator of the netlabel 'SENSO Psicodelia' and creator of the cultural collective 'Habitatt' in Brazilian territory. And has a diverse multicultural audience, released on record labels in different countries such as 'Kosa' India, 'Shango Records' Greece, 'Fertil Discos' Argentina, 'Reptilian Business Rec' France, among others.