Stephan Bazbaz - Secret Track [PRISMA3]


Stephan Bazbaz - Secret Track [PRISMA3]

About the song

Formerly shaped in Tel Aviv together with Stephan Bazbaz back in 2018, PRISMA3 has been stuck since between vinyl market changes and pandemics delays with pressing plants. PRISMA3 was originally planned in the prisma manner - including the usual 3+1 secret track - nevertheless, choice has been made to stick on 3 creations in order to prevent any shorten of any track selected to fit the release. And because everything happens for a reason in life, we had the chance to highlight this fourth PRISMA3 production from Stephan Bazbaz on Pianity through their NFT marketplace, with on top of it some exclusive unlockable contents. 32.0281° N, 34.7464° E Where does it lead? Exclusive MINIMALER x prisma drop for Pianity

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    November 6, 2021
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