Live Vinyl Remixing

Bliz Nochi

Live Vinyl Remixing

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About the track

This music piece is a determination of the moment of creation. Fixation and memorization of the process itself. With no goal, no starting point, no preparation. A flow of time speaking with the language of music. This psychedelic music piece is a part of my performance, called. "Live Vinyl Remixing" A trippy concert where I play an older orchestral vinyl, sample them with no longer than 3sec fragments, and improvise with the beat machine and loop station. As unique as every moment, this is as well a one edition release. I invite you to join me in this process of memorization of time and creativity using the language of the music. Bliz Nochi is in the process of pressing his first vinyl. The highest bidder on this NFT will receive, besides, a signed copy of Bliz Nochi’s next productions on vinyl.

Added on July 29, 2021