Second single off the eponymous Fingerprint EP, this track has already gathered over ten thousand views for its music video on YouTube, some radio play & blog posts, some Spotify playlisting, and a lyric-breakdown video on the Spited channel. For this exclusive Pianity edition we decided to create a unique visual art piece to go with it, drawn by Nick Krummenacher from who is the same brilliant artist behind the artwork for our 2020 album, When The Moon Goes Around The Sun. We are going to continue investing into this song and the Fingerprint EP it is a part of because we don't believe in just throwing some songs online and forgetting about them. Our goal is to build legacy and continue growing & consolidating our existing fanbase alongside our future releases. Fingerprint was produced by Bdance of Sorry I'm Late, French label that produced the entire Fingerprint EP. British violinist Julian Azkoul is back on strings and the track is mixed & mastered by OscioPak Productions. Fingerprint is also supported by Evidence Music and Herd Culture Kids. Album art for Fingerprint designed by Teto of Sorry I'm Late.

Hip Hop/Rap
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