Cat Attack (Pianity Remix & Master)

About the song

Originally released as vinyl in 2003 on SWAG’s Odori label with remixes from SWAG and Plastic Head Band. It’s ODORI-020 if you want to hunt down the vinyl. This version has been remixed and remastered for Pianity. The original vinyl included artwork with cosmic cats in spaceships and reading ….. ‘Watch out for crazy nasty cats, if we let them get away with it, one day they will take over the world …. Leigh’ Rather mysterious and off the wall you may think but it was inspired by an incident when a cat tried attacking Leigh’s cat and as he shooed it away, it leapt and grabbed hold of his finger and just wouldn’t let go. A rather gruesome incident :-) A big thanks to Chris Duckenfield for believing and supporting CGT Written by Leigh Williamson and Phil Towers Produced by Leigh Williamson & Phil Towers Remixed for 2023 by Leigh Williamson Mastered for 2023 by Leigh Williamson Visuals by Leigh Williamson Original Label Artwork by Paul Ward Recorded @ Supergroove Studios


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    January 28, 2023
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