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French maestro Dan Ghenacia presents his first NFT production drop. The track which is made for the floor is titled ‘Detrance’, a suitably hypnotic and groove infused cut in true Ghenacia style that features trance-like arpeggiator synths, Detroit pads and flashes of warped vocals which adds nostalgia into the mix. ‘Detrance’ marks the first of a string of NFT projects from Dan Ghenacia. The beginnings of fusing dance music and art can be traced back to 2019, when Dan moved his music studio to Lisbon with producer and friend, Tolga Fidan. As lockdowns forced us all to stay home, Dan suddenly had an abundance of time in his hands. In his moments of research and introspection, he became inspired by the Dreamachine originally created by Bryon Gysin - a rotating light device, looked at with eyes closed, that mechanically generates alpha waves (brain frequencies generated when falling asleep, meditating or under psychedelics). Re-inventing the Dreamachine with engineer Anine Kristen and curating sound design with Tolga Fidan to drive the journey when experiencing the Machine, Dan named the collective project the Alpha Wave Experience. Each individual has their own experience and has their individual visions, making it difficult to visually present what one sees with others. Generative art being another of Dan's passions, together with the artist Dimitri Thouzery and Tolga, they are now working on series of NFT collections representing the visions of the users of the Alpha Wave Experience, according to their testimony.

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    December 11, 2021
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