A Trip To Montreux [Pianity 2023 Redux]

About the song

A track originally written in 1998 and released on Brique Rouge in 1999 as the second release of the label. The track had a a beats part at first then i turned it out in a slowed-down beatless chill-out version which i know prefer. You can discover the original versions here : https://open.spotify.com/album/3vlpkoU18TDmgwv5ZWwvLE?si=Bd-f9bhOTICvoEWcJC14NQ If you want to obtain the BOUNTY Secret Link and claim your FREE COLLECTIBLE NFT there is just one thing to do => follow me on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eKltly48yIeqUILFilazu?si=we1rEqscS-uHrtlE1O1QMQ => And send a sreenshot to [email protected] You will receive your link by email - Only 100 Epic available. Written, constructed, performed and produced by David Duriez Copyright Control Artwork + sleeve design by Roger Chacal Curated & mastered by David Duriez Distributed by [briquerouge] French purveyors of proper underground electronic dance music since 1999 www.briquerouge.fr


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David Duriez



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    July 20, 2023
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