Feel My Touch [2022 ReMix]

About the song

I remember back in 2002 that this track started as a remix for Bad Ced (from Dax Riders and Subscience) and then slowly became one of my own track. I only kept the sweet "feel...touch" vocal and added some dirty beats and crying siren going up and down. That was it, so simple, but so efficient on a funky dancefloor. Dj Sneak played it for years, and still plays it when he sees i'm around in the club which is a big satisfaction for me. 20 years later i reworked the track in the studio during a hot night and you are now facing its first exclusive NFT. This track is very important to me so if you're following me this is highly collectable. Credits : written, constructed, performed and produced by David Duriez published by copyright control. NFT artwork and sleeve by Roger Chacal Thanks to Bad Ced for long and sincere friendship. (c)&(p) 2022 - www.briquerouge.fr


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David Duriez



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    August 29, 2022
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