Subterranean Acid [BR Pianity Collection #43/99]

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[BR Pianity Collection 43/99] DAVID DURIEZ - SUBTERRANEAN ACID The BR Pianity NFT Collection is a serie of 99 NFT music taken from the Brique Rouge label catalogue. Some tracks might be unreleased, some remixes might be exclusive, some versions might not even exist. Some will be Unique (x1), some others will be Legendary (x10) or some might even be Epic (x100). This collection is Pianity exclusive and minted on ARweave. It will give you access to a HD download and an exclusive download. See it as digital vinyl that you can collect and play with. This NFT AUDIO will last forever on the blockchain and in your wallet. written, performed & composed by DAVID DURIEZ published by copyright control nft artwork design by Roger Chacal selected & mastered by David Duriez ISRC-FR43R2201359 more music, merch and vinyl available at :


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David Duriez




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    May 25, 2023
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