The Returners - [03/10]

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Almost 30 years in the making, "The Returners" is a complete piece of my life. I composed the intro in the early nineties on Amiga 500 (hence the lo-fi feeling of the vox choir) to continue years later on PC. This track was supposed to be a part of a concept album that i submited to F Communications at that time. And even if nothing happened (the production was not really finished i reckon now that i have worked on it again), i got props from the team who listened to it. Then when my House carreer began to take all my time, this track among a bunch of others, started to populate my archives, jumping from old hard drives to dvd-r then to cloud. Until recently when i started rediscovering it and decided to rework the whole production but leaving the composition unchanged. So this is really the way my composition was of 1995, same notes, same melody, same instruments. I just reworked the production, the sound and the space it takes in my head. Now i'm very glad that "The Returners" will take the place #03 in my Pianity exclusive nft album. As a reminder, there will be 10 tracks to collect, all previously unreleased and exclusive to Pianity. I'm doing the arwork myself, based on a video loop i shot myself. Model jumping in the water is my daughter. Owners of the complete collection of 10 NFT will be rewarded on top of owning some rare pieces of music ---------------------------------------------------- Credits : written, produced and performed by David Duriez video artwork shot and edited by David Duriez ISRC-FR43R2201003 COPYRIGHT CONTROL


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    June 3, 2022
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