DeWalta & Shannon : Protista

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'Protista' is the first of three tracks available as part of the 'ARCHAEA' project. The holder of the 'Unique' NFT will receive one copy of a custom, hand-made vinyl picture disc along with all digital assets: Music, Video, GIF and JPEG ------- 'Archaea' is an audio visual collaboration between the electronic music duo DeWalta & Shannon and artist Felix Koch. The microscopic is similar to the telescopic - a view into 'the miniscule' opens up unknown worlds, similar to the ‘vast and expansive' universe - this is what inspired 'Archaea'. Our current times are dominated by something invisible to the human eye. The musical foundation of these tracks was built on organic audio material, processed by multi-band processors and modular synthesizers to open a window into the vast, unknown world of 'microscopic'. Advanced synthesis techniques were used to complete these multifaceted dance music tracks. Similarly, Felix Koch delivers stunning imagery, entirely processed in the photographic laboratory using experimental exposure techniques. Kochs "photographs" are entirely made without a camera applying differently textured organic matter directly on photographic paper. The result is exposing a stunning universe of microbes and textures within the “magnified", perfectly accompanying the multilayered music of the 'Archaea' EP. Mike Shannon and David Koch aka DeWalta have been at the forefront of live electronic-music improvisation and the techno house music mutation for almost a decade. The Berlin based duo experiment with a heavy arsenal of electronics and musical finesse resulting in some of the genre’s most spellbound and timeless tracks. Felix Koch is a photographer and architect, graduated from University of High Arts Berlin Germany. Felix has been a long time collaborator of DeWalta and his Label 'Meander' and has done the majority of cover art for DeWalta & Shannon over the years. An avid enthusiast in analog experimental photography Felix’s engaging work can be like taking a look into a microcosmic world or a glimpse into the finite depths of inner space.


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    February 25, 2022
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