Layer Caked Records #56 - Connected (Steven Flynn Remix)


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Layer Caked Records Welcomes Don Longton To The Cause! Music producer Don Longton was born in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada in the mid 50's.His Dad was a Jazz pianist who owned the Espresso Nightclub downtown and played there with many big named musicians of the day. Don got his first synth in 1974, inspired by the Beatles, then Bowie and Yes,Genesis and hugely by ELP. Over time he set up a home studio and learned his craft alone then inspired by the New Wave movement of the 80's while living in Toronto.But moving around the Country buying and renovating homes kept him from focusing until the early 90's after settling in Nova Scotia,Canada. In 2009, Don was contacted by Adriaan Baussens AKA Manu Riga,after hearing some of his tracks on MySpace asking if he would like to join Twins In Mind to help produce a full album. After learning new software, Sad In Joy was released in 2012. Then, Manu Riga encouraged Don to try Progressive House, mentoring him until his first release in 2016. Currently,Don has Releases and Remixes on Labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Xi Music,IN2U Records, AH Digital, 3XA Music, Vesta Records, Beat Block Records, Mystique Music, Neonius Records, Faraway Scope and now with Layer Caked Records. Don is finally fullfilling his passion and continuing with new projects and remixes into 2021! Dons Original is packed with industrial style stabs layered with atmospheric vocal chants and a solid low end banging groove to start off any night, also featured is remixes by steven flynn another synth fuelled melodic gem,Ross Geldarts energetic take on the original with a solid groove chugger and finally Prophets tribe who do an absolute blinding vocal take on the original...Respect to the guys....Enjoy!


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Don Longton



Steven Flynn



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    February 24, 2023
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