97mn Downtempo & Ambient Recordings


97mn Downtempo & Ambient Recordings


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For his 5th drop on Pianity Doubtingthomas presents an exclusive 97mn set of various Ambient and Downtempo Recordings. Created at Studio Centulle in 2021 this extended mix included 23 unreleased and unique compositions all blended in an extended single take. This very unique sonic journey consists of various mood swings carefully lined up around rhythmic experiments, soundscapes and drones drifting towards more refined melodic and soft ambient moods. Although very well known in the electronic music scene for his very driving releases and groove orientated live performance, Doubtingthomas always showed a great deal of emotion in his compositions. This particular cast focuses on the slower and more introspective side of his creative spectrum and unfolds in a very unique sensorial sonic experiment. Additionally the 23 separated parts can be unlocked. The mastered album can be used as stems to be sampled in various musical projects or animations or simply collected as rare items. Exclusive MINIMALER drop for Pianity

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Cover by: Doubtingthomas