Dr Olive

BOAT LOCK BELL [Pianity excl. Premix]

About the song

A brand new track made to be included in the coming album MAYBELAND. This mix is an exclusive, not 100% final mix, exclusive to this NFT release. On this account, you can find other songs from the same album (The Maybeland Theme, Germanium, Heuristic Olgarhythms, When Philip Came to Metz...). ••• As for every Pianity post of Dr Olive, we were spoiled with a fabulous mini video created by VINCENT REMÈDE. (search "Clips Remède" on YT to find his channel with more video clips). 💎 Special Gift offered to the buyer of the Unique NFT: You will receive an 8GB USB flash card containing the complete Dr Olive discography (1995-2020 ; 6 albums + 4 singles, all in CD-quality (aiff) + HD artworks). All free of charge, of course. Back catalogue: https://doctorolive.bandcamp.com Discord: DrOlive#7883 FB: www.facebook.com/DrOliveHop


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Dr Olive



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    February 15, 2023
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