Aller simple

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After the releases of ‘L’Air du temps’ and ‘Dehors’, the duo Entrée Libre joins forces again with Leïla Macaire to direct the video for ‘Aller Simple’, in the form of an ode to summer and travel. ‘Aller Simple’ invites you to turn October into July and to leave without return for a disco-retro trip between Blondie, La Femme and Parcels. The lyrics deal with the desire of escape and new life: from the idyll impregnated with novelties to the will to come back and find one's reference points. This 3rd and last single by Entrée Libre announces an EP to be released in 2022, that the duo will defend at the Bus Palladium on October 29th. -- Part of Groover Obsessions

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    October 13, 2021
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