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A guide to the Birdsong

Become the owner of A Guide to the Birdsong, a project curated by Shika Shika & El Búho

About A guide to the Birdsong

A Guide to the Birdsong is a series of albums inspired by the song of endangered birds, created to raise awareness and funds for their protection. Each album focuses on one region of the world. The project was born from a simple but beautiful idea – to challenge some of the most talented producers and musicians from one region of the world to create a track inspired by the song of an endangered bird from their country. At the end of 2020 Shika Shika also registered as a non-profit organization to focus more on uniting music and art with driving change. 100% of the profits from A Guide to the Birdsong are donated to tangible, local projects having an impact on the ground. Following the release of the album "A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa" we are sharing a new collection of NFTs based on the birdsongs of six more threatened species, and a special music edition of Loango Weaver from Rrobin and Les Mamans du Congo, accompanied by a beautiful stop-motion animation by Colombian artist Ann Lopez. Also, the collectors of the 6 endangered birds and the exclusive song will be rewarded with a Skika Shika merchandising pack. Together we can ensure these birds and their songs live on for generations to come.

Creative Contest

We believe many artists among you would be inspired by mesmerizing those birdsongs. From November 1st to 30th, Shika Shika and Pianity launch a rework contest. There is only one rule: make music out of one of the birdsong! 1. Chose and collect a birdsong from the current collection and use it to compose a unique song 2. Submit your rework on the participation form 3. Pianity and Shika Shika will select a winner, announced on December 15th 4. The winner will be rewarded with a poster and their track will be dropped on Pianity

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