Spiritual Level [3T3#09]

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Produced in 2010, this track was never released on any label until now. Mastering cooked in dec. 2022 by Dr Olive. Released on 3ToThe3rdMUSIC ( 3x3x3.bandcamp.com ), part of the VA OPTIONAL ESSENTIALS - X-mas 2022 Special Edition (out 22 dec. 2022). Video recorded & edited by Rothschild, and resized for Pianity by Vincent Remède. G-PROD - All you need to know the French duo from Bordeaux: Bandcamp: gprod.bandcamp.com Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/g-prod Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCxf1u1CwnCwrLWPrwFvqKqw Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/1UC8Zx6YeSrencDglyXWwb Discogs: www.discogs.com/fr/artist/2531872-G-Prod?type=Releases FB: www.facebook.com/people/G-Prod/100063648546722/ •••••••••• Well known since 2012 as the french electronic duo G-prod, David and Nicolas Gaugain, brothers in sound as in private life, have really started production in 2009 under their both own moniker: Dave-G, for deep and Detroit-influenced house and techno and Oud!n13, for electronica and deep electro explorations, with an important B12 and Drexciya background. They may no longer wait to realize they have the same influences, both rooted into Detroit electronic music, and decide to work together. Natives from Bordeaux, in south-west of France, they put forward at first their own productions, searching for a label and building their own distinctive style, melting deep mood and always a special early techno kind of touch. Thanks to a lot of musical connections spreading worldwide and the beginning of recognition from the scene, they get involved in further adventures and collaborations with some respected artists as Taho, who released them in 2013 on his Lumina imprint. Always moved by their passion for music, receiving more and more good feedbacks, they release their first vinyl record on the legendary Detroit imprint Soirée records only one year later. This connection with Detroit will allow the G's brothers to release soon after in 2015 on uk highly respected Appian sounds for a very nice and tasty various and for one of their best production to date. Their modern interpretation of the Detroit oldschool techno vibe and their continued passion for global electronic music movement have been putting them into a second vinyl on Soirée and specialy beyond the unspoken dreams of their youth, releasing their track D-light on the musical most influencing electronic label, the belgian R&S Recordsrunned by Renaat Vandepapeliere.Their productions in the past 10 years has helped them for new connections and releases on labels such Nice & Nasty, Specimen, and make many remixes for Orlando Voorn and Terrence Dixon and the seminal version of Madcas Delusion on Dren recordings which mainly draws the attention of Laurent Garnier. Never really dancefloor-oriented but always emotional, the G-prod style of techno has striken another levels with many releases last few years on Naeba, Deeper State, Logos, BLC recordings and more recently on Norken's Intellitronic Bubble imprint.


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    January 23, 2023
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