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Always Where Not expected, I am a tourist guide to take your senses on a journey...

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Gregory Bonino


Gregory Bonino is a composer, an ASCAP and a Sacem member. Music this is his way to express his deep feelings first as a therapy but also to share his feelings through the harmonics. Writing and performing songs is a catharsis, a way to travel through his unconscious and tap into his emotions. He says: " Music makes me travel in my mind feeling hope love pain" His love of music is never ending. Music begins in my life from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, joining me in my dreams and nightmares.Gregory Bonino's obsession with music is evident in his work. His songs move lucidly, beat to beat, track to track, there is a flow to everything that can only captured by someone who is as dedicated to the craft. When describing his part in the music making process, Gregory Bonino describes himself as, "A tourist guide to take your senses on a journey".