With You In My Dreams [Album NFT 04/13]

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=> This LEGENDARY Nft Music includes the 2xLP Vinyl Edition for the Primary Owner - Follow the instructions in "PERKS" to claim and receive the physical version at no extra costs [primary owner only or only if the NFT # has not been claimed already] Vinyl Release Date : October,20 2023 But a great chance to be shipped way before that to NFT's owner _________________________________________________________ Produced, Written & Performed by Jules Wells Copyright Control Artwork, AI Work & Sleeve design by Roger Chacal Mastered by David Duriez Distributed by [briquerouge] French purveyors of proper underground electronic dance music since 1999 www.briquerouge.fr Jules Wells would like to thank : Laurent Garnier , David Duriez ,G-Prod, Ctistof Salzac, Laurent Maldo, Taho, Loloman, Mr De', Aura 1, Southsoniks, Antony Dupont, Mason Rubinstein, Antony Spallino, Paul Nazca, la team Brique Rouge, la team Methrom et bien sûr ma famille. Spéciale dédicace à mon cousin Christophe parti beaucoup trop tôt. 1. Claim the 2xLP Limited Vinyl Edition delivered to YOU at no extra costs 2. Download the complete album as WAV files [14 tracks] 3. Receive one limited edition sticker with your physical product 4. Only 10 Legenday NFT per track / a total of 13 NFT to collect 5. Vinyl Pressing limited to 250 - [130 x Pianity / 100 x Bandcamp] 6. More special perks to come like special access 7. Vinyl Release Date : October,20 2023 but you will get if way ahead


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Jules Wells




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    August 13, 2023
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