The Code of 7even within the 13 Dimensions


The Code of 7even within the 13 Dimensions

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KRAUT - The Code of 7even within the 13 Dimensions || 432hz Breathing Tool to see the collective truth True ascension is only archived by being cognizant of your infinite energy system which connects with all 15 Dimensions in our Time Matrix. Sound is all about frequencies and vibrations and sound is such an important constituent in life. Same as breathing, which is the first thing you do when you are born. It is also the first thing you forget to do and the last thing when you go to a new life. That’s why the time is now to become aware of what you can do with breathing and music frequencies. KRAUT - also known as frequency and dance producer, Daniel Zuur - developed a sound healing. By using specific sound frequencies, KR∆UT is able to provide your inner energy - the 7 chakra’s - system with proper attention and move you into a higher state of consciousness in 13 steps. With this soundtrack, you’re able to give your entire energy system a healthy, energy boost in seven steps. For every energypoint of the human inner system, the chakra, KR∆UT composed a special track, starting with the first Muladhara chakra and ending with the seventh, Sahasrara Chakra. To tell you the truth - we got 48 chakra’s, but that’s information for later - asking for it is better then your think from the mind. To get the sound frequencies connected with your sacral chakra system, the entire soundtrack is tuned into the A = 432 hz for the truth of universal sound. For now, enjoy, keep on breathing and don’t forget to see the code of 7even and all the numbers in the pattern of creation... The cover art for The Code of 7even within the 13 Dimensions is called ‘Doorbraak’ which means breakthrough. It’s made by one of my creators – my mother, my teacher, my medicine woman, Elly Enis. The way she painted this inspired me as a kid to create frequencies – tight surfaces with organic shapes. Completely out of the grid. That’s how I feel and that’s the way I produce music. Let’s keep out of that grid, watch closely around you and don’t focus too much on just one truth - all is one - this makes things way more interesting for your mind and soul. Period. For more information about universal frequencies check out the platform Universo Sin Fronteras: Released: 13-10-21 Sample Rate 48.000hz Tuned in A=432 Hz Duration 43.200000 Filesize: 499.2 MB

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    October 22, 2021
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