A day at the Carpentry

A day at the Carpentry

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The Carpentry is the second single from Parallells’ debut album “A Day At ''. They invite their audience on a sonic expedition where eclectic sounds from a specific location provide the rhythmic foundation for each track. This time, the journey takes them to the Carpentry Two-O, an Amsterdam-based wood factory that built the Klassified’s headquarters as well as their music studios. Throughout the day, Parallells captured an array of artisanal woodwork sounds such as saw machines, drills, craft tools, screws and sanding machines to inspire their creativity. A melancholic message sits deep within the music together with a hypnotic synthesizer. The perfect recipe to talk about the connection between nature and humans, and how the woods can help us to ground ourselves. Tears in my wounds Tears in my wounds I whisper to the wood, All the tears in manhood Disappear in the woods All the fears in my wounds I tell the woods Tears in my wounds Tears in my wounds

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Victorian gone kitch, that is the challenge Zanad took in order to create the cover of Parallells's album A Day At. With inspiration from Renée Magritte and Still Life, Saif Roshdy and Islam Fouda under the direction of Tariq Ali invented the world of the Album

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    November 1, 2021
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