I Don't Really Wanna See Them! (Vintage Italo DISKO Mix)

I Don't Really Wanna See Them! (Vintage Italo DISKO Mix)

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A rare chance to owe a genuine 12 INCH Italo DISKO rare groove early 80's analogue boogie funk style production as an exclusive NFT only release. Futuristic yet retro, poppy but built for dancefloors Inspired by influences including the late Greek composer Vangelis, the arpeggiated electronic disco of Giorgio Moroder, funk, new wave, French space disco and UK synthpop, Italo is a strange amalgam topped by nonsensical lyrics sung in English. This idiosyncratic nature, often aiming to be one thing but inadvertently creating something new, is part of the undeniable charm of Italo’s legacy, as well as its pure passion and poppy experimentation. Capturing the soaring, spine-tingling emotion and melodic razor-sharpness of Italo’s smartest pop moments, while stepping away from the pastiche that characterised some of its earlier imitators.


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Pied Piper

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    February 25, 2023
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