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The Godfather of Disco

Celebrating 50 years of musical career, French disco icon Marc Cerrone has shaped the sound of today’s disco-fuelled pop music from Dua Lipa to Mark Ronson‍ Before that 2020's disco era, in the 2000's he first influenced all the French touch (Daft Punk, Cassius, Justice....) Creating a soundtrack to the sexual revolution of the 70s, his first hit “Love in C Minor” earned him a Grammy, sold over 3 million copies and ranked 3rd in worldwide charts for months. His next track “Supernature” became a huge success and was his first #1 US Dance chart record. After multiple platinum albums, production work and projects across the globe, Cerrone pursues the progress of disco.


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About "For You"

“I Composed For You with the desire to get back to all the musical sensations I've experienced in 50 years; to translate all that makes the universe, emotion and sensuality about Disco Music. To do so, I chose to record with real musicians (pianist, string and brass sections, etc.) that were playing live, while taking the best of nowadays's recording and production techniques. I really made this creation which is a musical voyage For You. Enjoy!” -Marc Cerrone

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