Soldadinho do Araripe - Antilophia bokermanni

Shika Shika

Soldadinho do Araripe - Antilophia bokermanni


About the track

Status: Critically Endangered Population: 150 - 700 Found: Brazil This unique species can be found in the tall, moist, forested areas of north-eastern Brazil and has a warbling, musical song. First discovered in 1998 it is now restricted to a 28k section of forest in the state of Caerá. It faces a large threat from the clearance of its habitat for development. Shika Shika is currently preparing the third Volume of the ‘Birdsong’ series which will focus on endangered birds in Western Africa. All of the money raised from the sale of these NFTs will go towards funding the creation of the album, enabling us to donate 100% of sales to bird conservation in the region.

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