Act on your highest excitement

About the song

This track was created with the intention to capture the frequency of Excitement. Excitement itself is a frequency that we can resonate at and that can be found everywhere in nature. It is an internal guidance system pointing to the magnetic north of our souls deepest desires. Since I started following my heart and acting only on what truly excites me, my life has changed profoundly. I find myself more fullfilled, happy, inspired and free then ever before while in the past there was a time where I tried to fit in, trying to be someone I am not and pleasing everyone without honoring my own feelings, needs and desires. I hope this track inspires the listener to find out what excites them the most and to act on that passion and to trust that abundance and joy will be the reward for the courage. I believe the things we are excited about are connected to our purpose and the reason why we are here.

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Steffen Ki



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    November 30, 2021
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