Androm, The Explorer

Androm, The Explorer

About the song

Androm, a restless and adventurous spirit, is a key lieutenant of Zephyrus, fearlessly leading the way into uncharted territories. As the Explorer, he embarks on daring journeys, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for new experiences. With boundless wonder, Androm pushes the boundaries of the known world, uncovering hidden realms and gathering fresh ideas to share with his fellow inhabitants. Beyond physical exploration, he delves into the metaphysical, seeking to understand the connections between creativity, collaboration, and the underlying energy that drives their existence. As the Explorer, Androm inspires others to embrace growth and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. In addition to his fearless leadership, Androm offers a range of tangible benefits, including: - Exclusive access to events & workshops - Co-creation with community artists - Lifetime Kapela Play license - Regular subscription NFT airdrops - Full commercial IP ownership - Opportunities to submit & join creative projects - Future NFT collections airdrops 1:1 Music made by Massam 1:1 Artwork made by Jeje Utilities Category: B


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    June 7, 2023
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