Astra, The Guardian

Astra, The Guardian

About the song

Astra, the loyal lieutenant and guardian, is a fierce and protective creature. Endowed with immense power and acute awareness, Astra ensures safety and harmony. His striking appearance mirrors the night sky, and his keen instincts and strategic prowess make him a formidable protector. Astra is a valuable advisor to Zephyrus, contributing to their mission's success. With unwavering loyalty, Astra safeguards and stands beside his esteemed leader. In addition to their steadfast guardianship, Astra offers a range of tangible benefits, including: - Exclusive access to events & workshops - Co-creation with community artists - Lifetime Kapela Play license - Regular subscription NFT airdrops - Full commercial IP ownership - Opportunities to submit & join creative projects - Future NFT collections airdrops 1:1 Artwork made by Jeje 1:1 Music made by Massam Utilities Category: B


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    June 7, 2023
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