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T.O.X.I.C is the first single of Thérèse’s debut EP « Rêvalité » (« Dreamality ») : a materialized overview of her vision about this contemporary era. A synthesis which tries to reach your heart and body, in order to move your head. And vice versa. At an individual level as much as a collective one. « Rêvalité » is a shout. A melodic shout. About the urgency to live… in a less dumb world. About building actively a new paradigm for our generation. T.O.X.I.C is a pop/bass music track. A joyful invitation to drop toxic, smothering relationships. Those who prevent us from growing, blossoming. Starting with the one we have with ourselves. This exclusive visual has been created by Thérèse herself. She imagined a process that perfectly embodies the song. She wrote the lyrics on a drawing paper, painted the letters « T.O.X.I.C » with water over these words. Then she selected a part of the painting and put her logo, with a slight transparency on it. Revealing by erasing. That was the purpose. A way to create a digital cover, with an intellectual, emotional and physical signature.

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    October 13, 2021
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