Alci - Artichoq

Alci - Artichoq

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under the tree x ALCI x fiore under the tree is tokenizing their very first NFT on Pianity with a +16min unique creation titled « Artichoq » from swiss-based and internationally well-known DJ and producer Alci within a Legendary series illustrated by fiore, an enigmatic graphic designer to discover exclusively as unlockable contents. The illustration is the original cover of the extended play. As unlockable content under the tree has prepared a unique mystery box including: - An unreleased track of the famous DJ Alci: Enveloping us in the very constant mysterious and magnetic sound universe that Alci previously has built in his past releases, the 18min+ Track "UMA" reports on the multitude of experiences he has had lately and his subsequent undertaken creative evolution. This organic enrichment, which is an addition or better said, an enhancement in Alci's soundscape, result from the various inspirations Alci underwent during his travels around the world - A mesmerizing illustration of Corsini entitled “XXX”. Corsini is a very special and well-known artist in the field. - And an ultra-limited and rare collectible: one of the five legendary stickers (original logo) of the under the tree crew Exclusive MINIMALER drop for Pianity


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    January 22, 2022
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